Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a ton of questions on a daily basis! Our team of hospitality professionals has requested we write a quick “frequently asked questions” blog to answer them. As we make changes to the venue, we’ll keep updating this blog.

Does Villagio provide the event coordination?
It’s required to have our event coordination services. Your coordinator will design your event with you, create a personal agenda, and customize a floor plan for your event needs. You have unlimited phone calls, emails, and texts to your coordinator.

Will we have a venue concierge?
Every event booked with Villagio comes with a venue concierge. Your venue concierge will accept payments, update your invoices, and answer any questions in regards to there terms and conditions of your event agreement. Having a single point of contact for the overall effort gives you a financial peace of mind. The Villagio concierge will also be able to arrange on-site visits for any vendors your are procuring on your own. You may also speak to your concierge about arranging photoshoots or further family visits to the venue prior to your event date.

What is included inside the rental rate?
We offer more services than any other venue in the DFW metroplex. We include parking attendants for up to 300 guests, security, set up, clean up, chairs and tables. You can check-in at 10 a.m, giving you a full 14 hours at our facility. When renting Villagio for your event, you’ll have full access to the grounds.

Does Villagio have both indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces? What’s the capacity?
We provide a variety of indoor and outdoor ceremony areas. In front of the lakeside ballroom is a 10,000 square-foot water-front ceremony courtyard that can seat about 400 guests. It has a 60-foot walkway with french doors, perfect for revealing the bride. We have a beautiful oak grove, perfect for a smaller ceremony. Some couples get married in front of the residence, using the Georgian Colonial architecture as the backdrop to their ceremony. There is a beautiful dock towards the front of the estate used for ceremonies as well. The chapel, behind the residence, can hold up to 250 guests. The 9,000 square-foot lakeside ballroom can hold up to 325 guests. And some couples, who have smaller weddings, simply hold their ceremony on the residence main floor. This is all a lot to take in, so we recommend booking a tour in order to make the perfect choice for you.

Why should I book Villagio Resorts? What’s unique about it?
We guarantee availability. If the date is available at Villagio, that means our entire vendor team is available. You know you’ve got a guaranteed source of catering, bartending, entertainment, photography and more when you book with us (regardless of if you decide to bring in your own people for the job). When choosing the all-inclusive experience, we take 100 percent financial responsibility for your event. In other words, we do all the bookwork for you, make sure everyone gets paid and all contracts are met. Speaking of all-inclusive experience, you have 14 hours to spend at our resort. Most venues in the metroplex area only give you half that time.

Does Villagio have over-night accommodation? Is it included in the rental rate?
Yes, we have accommodation for the newly married couple, for free, if you reserve a Sunday. It includes two Swedish massages and breakfast made by a private chef. Check-out is at noon. You can reserve overnight accommodation for roughly $500 any other time as long as there isn’t an event already reserved for the next day. As for your guests, we have hotel partners (Hilton and La Quinta).

Can I bring in outside alcohol?
Absolutely! You can bring in your own alcohol, and Villagio will provide the bartending services including the mixers (sodas and juices), cocktail napkins, ice, glassware, garnishes, and the bartending labor). For a full-bar, with hard liquor that you bring in, we charge $350 per bartender per 50 guests. A partial-bar option (wine, beer, and champagne) costs $250 per bartender per 100 guests. We do offer different bartending packages that include alcohol. Our beer, wine, and spirits connoisseurs have carefully curated these packages for the true “Villagio Experience.”

What does the Villagio catering service include? Can we book our own catering service?
Our caterer provides all flatware, glassware, and silverware necessary for the event. We also provide all staffing for serving, busing, and cleaning. Our caterer will perform your private tasting by
appointment only. You may try up to four entrees, six sides, four appetizers, and three salads. A tasting
experience for four guests is included. Each additional guest is charged per person. We do not allow outside caterers at our venue since we have a prestigious in-house caterer. Our caterer is dedicated to customizing and serving dishes to your liking.

Does Villagio have an in-house pastry chef? Do they offer tastings?
We have an amazing pastry chef! Villagio will provide services for all your pastry needs from wedding cakes to custom dessert bars. The private tasting is a separate meeting you may arrange at your leisure. It’s common for clients to combine their private tasting with their cake tasting at Villagio.

Does Villagio offer exclusive vendor consultations?
If the date is available at Villagio, that means our entire vendor team is available. You know you’ve got a guaranteed source of catering, bartending, entertainment, photography and more when you book with us (regardless of if you decide to bring in your own people for the job). If you’d like to combine
consultations together to save on travel time, make sure you subscribe to our email list. Be on the lookout for emails about events showcasing our vendors. We have a monthly event held on Monday nights.

Do you require event insurance?
We require every client to purchase private event insurance. This is due no later than 30 days prior to your wedding date. It is normally a payment of $175 paid to A copy of the insurance will be emailed to both you and Villagio within 24 hours of purchase.

How do I schedule the rehearsal? Can I reserve Villagio for my rehearsal dinner too?
We allow an hour for the wedding rehearsal. Your wedding rehearsal can take place Tuesdays through Thursdays the week of your wedding. Fridays are only released as rehearsal dates two months prior to the event date if no event is booked on that day. You may also do a rehearsal the day of your wedding if it is more convenient. You may also book your rehearsal dinner at Villagio for $350. You’ll have three hours for your rehearsal dinner.

What are your damage and cleaning policies?
Our clients are required to fill out an excessive cleaning and extreme damages form. This deposit form covers $500 in damages and cleaning. This form is placed on file for your event. The day after your event, if there is no damage, the form will be shredded.

Do you have discounts?
Occasionally, we have discounts when choosing the all-inclusive experience. By using our vendors, we’re usually able to make a few price adjustments. Ask Jessica and Erika about current all-inclusive discounts after your tour.